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LD-1325C E Series CNC Router

LD-1325C E Series CNC Router

GZ Ledio CNC Router - Features:

* High speed processing: no matter straight or curved line both can reach same speed. running speed reaches more than 26 m/min.

* Good spare parts: imported linear guide rail, bearing capacity is strong, stable operation, high precision, long service life. And the module chooses excellent high speed motor drives, keep long working hours.

* Reasonable design: use of advanced double gear shaft and rack drive, reach high speed with strong strength.

* choose Name Brand water-cooled frequency conversion motors which keeps constant power. And non-inductive vector frequency converter, guarantee good performance, strong torque and high efficiency.

* Software compatibility: compatible with type3 / Artcam/Castmate/wen tai and other CAD/CAM design software.

* convenient manipulation: can choose advanced USB interface type DSP operating system, completely offline work, do not take up any computer resources, and can realize automatic start-stop DSP, also can choose computer control system.

* Easy Performance: a breakpoint continued carving, can continue carving after off power. Processing time prediction and real humanized design.
GZ Ledio CNC Router - Application:

Furniture industry, furniture processing, handicraft carving Woodworking industry: three-dimensional wave board processing, wooden door, screen, window processing, various kinds of furniture products.

Advertising industry: advertising signs, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, a variety of materials production, decorative products.
Mold industry: can carve copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, as well as marble, plastic board, board and other non-metal mold.
Other industries: carving can be all kinds of 2D and 3D, widely used in craft gifts industry.

GZ Ledio CNC Router - Parameter:



working area



3kw water cooling spindlecan change into bigger power

X Y Z travel positioning accuracy


Table surface

T-slot aluminum alloy


Steel tube structure

Drive system X-Y axis

Rack and pinion, XYZ axis Hiwin square rails

Drive system Z axis

Ball screw

Max power consumption

3kw(without spindle)

Max working speed

20000mm/ min

Spindle speed


Working voltage

AC 380v (220v)

Command language

G code

Operating system



Artcam, JD paint Type3, UcancamV9

Packing size


Net weight


Gross weight


Equipment available(Optioanal)

a. Vacuum hold down

b. Oil lubrication system


GZ Ledio CNC Router - Details:



GZ Ledio CNC Router - Samples:


GZ Ledio CNC Router - Packing:

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