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LD-1325A C series CNC Laser Cutting Machine

LD-1325A C series CNC Laser Cutting Machine

GZ Ledio CNC Laser Cutting Machine:
1325 Laser cutting bed

         1325A C series Laser equipment has been successfully used in a acrylic, machine glass, wood, fiber board resin, advertising, etc. This series of machine by using DSP digital control technology, using integrated design of frame structure, stable and reliable. The latest software support and AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, such as CAD, CDR and all kinds of graphics software seamless docking, direct artwork output.
GZ Ledio CNC Laser Cutting Machine-- Features:
Adopt international DSP from computer technology;
◆ USB interface, support U disk, USB, line three transmission mode, with 1 gb memory, can store more than 800 files;
◆ Precision linear motion guide rail, to ensure that equipment operation, precise and correct the leading continuous and fast curve cutting function and optimized function of selecting shortest path, greatly improving working efficiency;
◆ Provide the latest software and AutoCAD, CorelDRAW and other design software seamless docking: direct artwork output function, supporting the combination of any colors, engraving in freely defined cutting or order, easy to realize all or part of the graphics a output;
◆ Rapid continuous cutting function, strong, speed automatic matching function to ensure that the different shapes of the graphic cutting effect;
◆ Voltage constant flow laser power supply module, prolong the service life of laser tube.
GZ Ledio CNC Laser Cutting Machine--Application:
       Suitable for material cloth, leather, organic glass, acrylic, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, wood, bamboo products, wool, paper material, ceramic and other non-metal materials.
Applicable industries:
      clothes, shoes, bags, computer embroidery cutting, model, electronic appliances, toys, furniture, advertisement, decoration, packaging and printing, paper products, handicrafts, etc.
GZ Ledio CNC Laser Cutting Machine--Parameter:
TYPE              C-1325A           C-1525A
Engraving area 1300×2500(mm) 1500×2500(mm)
 Laser power 80W/100W/120W/150W 80W/100W/120W/150W
Engraving speed 0-6400mm/min
Resolution ratio 0.025mm
Minimum shaping character Chinese Character:2mm  ; English Letter:1mm
Resetting Positioning accuracy ±0.01MM
Transmission High precision square Linear guide Pulley
Operating humidity 0-45℃
Operating humidity 5%-95%(free of condensed water)
Graphic format supported .BMP.GIF.JPEG.PCX.TGA.TIFF.PLT.CDR.DWG.DXF
Power supply AC220V±10%.50Hz/60Hz
Cooling method Water
Gross power < 1800W 1800W
Net weight 450KG 480KG
Dimension(mm) 3000*1800*1000 3000*2000*1000

GZ Ledio CNC Laser Cutting Machine--Detail shows

GZ Ledio CNC Laser Cutting Machine--Sample shows:
GZ Ledio CNC Laser Cutting Machine--Package shows
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