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NO limit acrylic diamond polishing machine

NO limit acrylic diamond polishing machine

GZ Ledio Acrylic/ Plexiglas Diamond Polishing Machine
 Advantage of the Acryilc Diamond machine:
1.Use Diamond knives to polish Acrylic facets,plexiglass
2.Transmissions of the plexiglass,acrylic,light guide plates,and crystal blocks'facets can achieve the mirrorlike effect avoiding the need of traditional polishing process(such as wheel and cloth polishing,flame polishing,etc.)
3.One machine can save 10-20 person'work.
4.The products produced by the acrylic diamond polishing machine are distinct in edges and corners,clear and clean,transparent and bright and good straightness;the machines themselves are no dust,low noise and low depreciation.
5.It is highly applicable to produce high-grade acrylic  products,precise polishing of crystal products.
6.The production quality and output efficient are extremely high.

Technical parameters:
Type LD-85
Maximal cutting length No limits
Maximal cutting width 85(mm)
cutting depth 0mm-1mm(depending)
cutting angle 0-45(degree) 90degree
spindle speed 6000r/min
Table size 1840*740*320mm
Power Three-phase 380v
Spindle Moter spindle motor1.1kw
Feed motor 0.2kw
Recommended dust collector 2.2kw
Dust collector diameter 60mm
Weight 970(kg)

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